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Wrist and Upper Extremity Arthroscopy

Wrist and upper extremity arthroscopy has proven to be effective in surgical management of several wrist and hand problems including dorsal wrist syndrome, triangular fibrocartilaginous complex tears as well as dorsal wrist ganglion. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure utilizing a small type of endoscope, an arthroscope, which is inserted in the joints of the wrist or hand through a small incision while the patient is under anesthesia. This technique is used to "look inside" and evaluate chronic hand and wrist pain that is not correctable or diagnosable with conservative management or with the use of conventional radiographic techniques, including magnetic resonance imaging.

The advantage of this surgical procedure is that hand and wrist injuries can be diagnosed and repaired using small surgical instruments, such as a shaver, without having to actually open the hand and wrist joints. Only two small incisions are made - one for surgical instruments and the other for the arthroscope. Therefore, not only is recovery time reduced, but there is less surgical pain and less scarring.

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