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At Avosant, a variety of skincare products are available to complement our skincare treatments. We provide unique, custom-fit skincare regimens with specially-formulated lines of products that effectively erase the visible signs of aging, emotional stress, sun spots and environmental damage. Our skin care products are clinically-tested, and contain safe but potent ingredients. Whether your skin is oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, or aging, we will work with you to restore your skin and give it a fresher, healthier and more youthful appearance.

Skincare products offered at Avosant Clinic include:

AvoReves Skincare

Specially formulated with powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins, the AvoReves skincare products are the culmination of our search for the most scientifically-proven and evidence-based ingredients to create effective, easy-to-use products that minimize and counteract free radical skin damage for healthier, more evenly-toned and youthful-looking skin.

Our high quality yet affordable skincare line contains unique ingredients including green tea polyphenols and vitamins A, C, E and Co-Q10. Called the "fountain of youth" for skin cells because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, green tea polyphenols, and Coenzyme Q10 counteract the effects of free radicals by deactivating them before they cause harm. Of all of the antioxidants known, the components of green tea are the most potent. Liposomal vitamins A, C, E and Co-Q10 help to stimulate the production of collagen resulting in firmer, fuller and softer skin.

AvoReves Products include:

Retinol Smoothing Serum: Available in two strengths with pure retinol, antioxidants and active Vitamin A for smoother and firmer skin.

Fortified Exfoliation Scrub: Specially formulated clay-base to gently remove dry dead skin cells, excess oils and residue

Gentle Cleanser: A gentle, soap-free formula with antioxidants that cleanses the skin without drying.

Sunscreen SPF 30: Formulated with a moisturizing formula of 17% Micronized Zinc to provide the highest level of broad-spectrum protection. Chemical and oil- free.

Ultra-Lite /Fortified Moisturizer: Delivers smoother softer skin with liposomal vitamins and anti-oxidants.

*NEW* Q-Drops Youth Serum: The AvoReves Q-Drops Youth Serum is our newest addition to the AvoReves skin care products. Containing a list of potent ingredients, this special serum reduces the visible signs of aging by re-hydrating and firming the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles, and smoothing and diminishing skin puffiness. It contains a maximum concentration of Coenzyme Q10 and ubiquinol, combined with a moisturizing base rich with high-strength levels of anti-oxidants, to create an effect superior to most other moisturizing serums. The Q-Drops come in a capsule form, which eliminates the need for preservatives and additive chemicals. Therefore, patients will be receiving a full dose of active ingredients with every capsule.

NIA 24™ Skin Care

Gentle and beneficial for nearly every patient, NIA 24™ skin care products are the first inside-out topical Niacin-Powered skin barrier-builders. Its MicroNutrient Delivery system allows ingredients known to be beneficial, including Niacin, to go beyond topical application penetrating the epidermis in a slow, continuous-release and prevent, repair and fight signs of damage deep in the skin.

Prevage® MD Anti-aging Treatment

Prevage® MD protects your skin from environmental stressors known to cause skin aging including UV light, air pollution, ozone, cigarette smoke and even oxygen. The treatment contains the most powerful anti-oxidant available, idebenone 1%, which helps correct the skin damage that you already have and also protects your skin from future damage. The treatment is only available through a physician.

AVAGE® Cream

AVAGE® Cream is proven to effectively reduce facial fine wrinkles and certain types of dark and light spots on your face. Its active ingredient tazarotene, a prescription retinoid, can reduce facial fine wrinkles making your skin noticeably smoother and even-toned.

Teamine Complex®

The only ingredient proven to reduce dark circles under the eye, Teamine Complex® also reduces puffiness, firms and tightens sagging loose skin and smoothes the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.

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