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Avosant Weight Management

If you are struggling with weight loss, we can help you to stop craving and become a "fat burner." The Avosant Weight Management Program is medically supervised, "strategically" hunger-free, with the use of whole foods, and individualized to the needs of each person. We use a comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessment tool, based in years of research, to help us pinpoint each of the contributors specific to your body composition, and we work with you to systematically overcome these contributors for life. Using the science of metabolism, as well as our AvoProgres line of clinically proven nutritional supplements, your metabolism will change from sugar-burner to fat-burner during the first phase of the program. Not only will you not go hungry, but it is required you eat more, and more frequently, of the right foods that provide essential requirements and stimulate your metabolism. You will notice your cravings fading away, your mood improving and energy level increasing…YOUR STEP WILL BECOME LIGHTER, once again. The Avosant Weight Management Program will provide you with the tools to achieve your ideal, healthy weight and help you maintain it for life.

The Avosant Weight Management Program's services include:

  • Assessment, close monitoring, and follow-up with a Board-Certified physician, with practice focusing on weight loss, wellness and longevity.
  • AvoProgres clinically-proven supplements to boost metabolism, increase energy level and help optimize cardiac health.
  • Dietary detoxification
  • Support groups to help establish positive and healthy thinking, eating, exercising & sleep habits for life.
  • Addressing issues including nutrient deficiencies, sugar-addiction, poor digestion, food allergies, low thyroid function, Bulimia & Anorexia, Peri-menopausal weight gain and poor sleep.

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