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Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia, otherwise known in the medical field as "women-like breasts" is actually quite a common condition. In fact, it is estimated that Gynecomastia impacts approximately 40-60% of men.

For men who feel self-conscious about their appearance, breast reduction can be a very appropriate surgery. Typically, this procedure involves the removal of fat and tissue from the breasts resulting in a chest that is better contoured, flatter, and firmer.

Preparing for surgery

Plastic Surgeon Daniel Golshani, M.D., F.A.C.S. will carefully explain the surgical procedure recommended for your case. Prior to surgery, you will be given specific instructions regarding pre-operative medical treatments, diagnostic testing, day of surgery procedures, postoperative care, and follow-up information. In addition, you will be asked to sign consent forms to assure Dr. Golshani that you fully understand the procedure that you will undergo and any potential risks or complications related to your procedure.

Progress and Healing

A few days following your surgery, you are likely to feel some discomfort that can be controlled with medications prescribed by Dr. Golshani. You are also likely to experience some swelling and bruising. To help reduce swelling, you will be asked to wear an elastic pressure garment for approximately one or two weeks. Although much of your initial swelling will dissipate in the first few weeks following your surgery, it may take three or more months before the final results of your surgery are observable.

Your New Appearance

Many of Dr. Golshani's patients who have undergone Gynecomastia surgery believe that their procedure enhanced their self-confidence and appearance. The results of this surgical procedure are permanent and significant. If you have realistic expectations, it is quite possible that you will be very satistifed with your new look.

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