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Photodynamic Acne Treatment

What is it?

Photodynamic Acne Treatment is a new procedure that treats a multitude of patients' skin concerns. For example, it treats resistant active acne, leaving your skin smoother and healthier looking. Sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation are also improved with this treatment. Additionally, pores and oil glands are reduced and the appearance of older acne scars are improved. Overall, this skin care treatment is seriously changing the way skin rejuvenation is being performed today.

How it works

Photodynamic Acne Treatment is a special treatment that involves applying a topical photosensitizing agent, called Levulan, to your skin. Levulan is clear and applying it to the skin is a completely painless process. Once a specific wavelength of light touches the skin, the Levulan is activated for approximately 10 minutes.

The Advantages

Rapid treatment of facial acne is a significant advantage of Photodynamic Acne Treatment. Following treatment, the skin looks more youthful and refreshed. In order to achieve maximum benefits, approximately 2-4 treatments with your cosmetic surgeon, at 2-4 week intervals are advised. In summary, this procedure is well tolerated by our patients. Patients achieve excellent outcomes with this non-invasive treatment, especially in sensitive areas of the face.

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